Wednesday, April 25, 2012


When I was growing up, I learned about the seven deadly sins, and there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on that. I remember having to memorize these and the fear it created. When I considered this topic, I was amazed that I could rattle off the seven deadly sins. Yet, I had to look up the virtues. Oh, I remembered most of them, but like the seven dwarfs, there always seemed to be one or two missing as I listed them.

Why is it that as a child there was more emphasis on the sins - the things we were not supposed to do? Why were these the things that stuck in my mind?

The virtues are not a Christian thing. They are a quality way of living. A bar that we can measure ourselves against, not because we might be punished, but because we will be rewarded. Even if you don't believe in another life, consider this, living by the virtues will make this life a better one.

So, today I will begin to embrace the matter of these virtues.


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  1. That is an interesting point. Why focus on the negative first instead of the positive things to live by? hmmm


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