Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Unconditional Love

Love should at all times be unconditional. By its very nature, love demands forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance. 

That is acceptance of the person. This does not mean accepting the deeds, and even more so it does not mean enabling the loved one to continue to pursue activities that are harmful to themselves or others. 

It is a fine line to follow, a difficult one to maneuver . 

To love the person we need to encourage them to seek help if necessary. To love the person often we need to say no. To love the person sometimes we need to step back, and let them find their own way, despite the heartbreak we suffer. 

When our love is scorned, it is not easy to practice this matter of unconditional love. 

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  1. True, it is a good concept but hard to practice. Some come easier than others. Interesting topic for the U post.


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