Thursday, April 12, 2012


We all have things we like to acquire. For some people it is money, other people collect friends, and for some it is  cats. 

I like to collect knowledge. One of my favorite pastimes is researching. Yep, researching. I love that moment when a question pops into my head, and I am off and running in the pursuit of knowledge. 

I told my husband it is like fishing and hunting. 

Sometimes, I spend a  leisurely relaxing afternoon sitting idly by a stream until I hook the big one. The idea runs, dragging my line behind it, trying to elude me, but always we are connected with that fine string until I reel it in. 

Other times it is an active hunt as I track down my prey. I know its habitat. I have studied its mating call. I track it through heavy brush, dead ends and swamps. Learning more about my quarry with each step I take. 

Like all good enthusiasts, I  enjoy telling tales of my conquests, sharing the love of the sport and encouraging new participants. Still, as much satisfaction as I get from those endeavors, the true joy is in the pursuit, and even as one quest ends, I eagerly plan for the next outing. 

What about you? Where do you stand on this matter of knowledge?


  1. You are a very knowledgable one. I feel like I'm already losing some of the knowledge I had since finishing college. I spend a lot of time in my head with my characters and don't learn as much as I used to even though I still yearn to learn more.

  2. Good K post. I tend to remember bits of trivial knowledge and then forget the important things I must remember. My son has a fantastic memory and never has to take notes in class...he sust regurgitates it back for tests.

    Happy A-Z April!


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