Monday, April 9, 2012


Did you know there is one thing that can help us get through even the darkest of times? Hope. Hope is not a static feeling. It is not a wish for the unattainable. It is a dynamic action. It begins a domino effect. When we can trust that things will work out, we begin to plan as if they will, and if we plan that they will, we begin to take the steps to help that happen.

Certainly at times, things seem hopeless. That is when we need to hope the most. Of course, we may need to reassess these, and determine our real needs. Then we can begin to take the steps to make them reality. We can solve nothing when we give up hope, but hope, as an action, can accomplish our own miracles.

Do you have the desire to turn your darkest night into day? You have the power. It is merely a matter of hope.


  1. Nice topic. ;-) Hope is what we all have to hang on to, everyone. We have so many different things that we hope for and like you said, sometimes it seems like there is nothing left but even then hope is an answer. Good topic for the H post.

  2. First, I have a good cry. Then I am ready for that "dynamic action" to kick in.

    1. Good idea, Patty. That good cry is healthy. It allows us to release the toxins stress triggers, plus the world always looks better when the sun comes out after a storm.


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