Friday, April 6, 2012


Are you the type of person who holds a grudge? When there is a transgression (real or imagined) against you, do you wrap yourself in the hurt? Do you find comfort in your anger, and the feeling that life is unfair?

Or do you forgive?

I think the vast majority of us forgive most people. Oh, we may nurse our distress for a while, but most of us are aware that maintaining the anger really is foolish. People make mistakes, and generally we are willing to forgive them for it.

But what about ourselves? Do you readily forgive yourself as quickly as you would someone else? Do you allow yourself to make mistakes? Do you move on, and learn from it?

Or do you kick yourself, bringing up past transgressions years later as proof of your ineptness?

We hinder our growth, and we entrap our creativity, when we refuse to accept our own slips and follies.

Isn't it time we start treating ourselves the way we treat others?

Isn't it time we accept our faults and learn to love ourselves, not in spite of, but because of our faults?

Wouldn't we do that for most anyone else?

So let's start today, right now. Let's move on from past transgressions.

Let's give ourselves the gift we extend to others: a matter of forgiveness.


  1. Nice choice for today. I hadn't really thought much about forgiving myself. I do find it easy to forgive others but not sure about with me. hmm That is a think topic. Need to think more.

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    2. Definitely something to think about. We don't realize how much we hold ourselves back when we refuse to allow ourselves to make mistakes and then forgive.

  2. I love this article. Forgiveness if the key to moving forward with our trip through life. I guess, those of us who have reached an old age accept this, just as they accept themselves. Sometimes I lie awake, wishing I hadn't been so sharp with my husband. In the morning, I do something to show him I didn't mean my abrupt comment and all is forgiven.

    1. A funny thing happened on my way to replying to your post, my hand slipped and I hit delete. I was so frustrated with myself, and then I saw I had to confirm the deletion. What a relief. Then I thought, wouldn't it be great if everything in life had that option. When we are about to make a mistake, a little voice says "Are you sure you want to do that?" Wait, we do have that. It is called our conscience.

      I love that you do something special for your husband when you feel you need forgiveness. This is an important part of healing. Now, stop laying away worrying about it.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. When i ws young, I was brought up to believe mistakes were beyond forgiveness either by others or myself. It was a long time before I came across the precept that mistakes a stepping stones to learning. It also explained why I found it hard too trust in learning anything at all! LOLOL.

    1. What a sad way to be raised. I hope you have been able to forgive those who were misguided in teaching you this. It is the first step to your own healing. I taught my children there is no such thing as a mistake, but all are learning opportunities. Still, that did not stop one of them from being a perfectionist (I can not imagine where he gets it from), and is always harder on himself. I continually remind him (and me) that forgiveness is important to our mental health and to our future growth.


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